Bangla Geeta O Anugeeta by Bipinbihari Mandal ebook

Bangla Geeta O Anugeeta by Bipinbihari Mandal

Bangla Geeta O Anugeeta by Bipinbihari Mandal ebook pdf
Book name- Bangla Geeta O Anugeeta
Pdf size- 11mb
Pages- 232
Quality- Nice
Bhagavad Gita is one of the greatest theological treatise of Hindu. There is the main theory of all the Upanishads underlying in the great book. So every Hindu should read or hearing the scripture with draws attention. Hearing or reading the Gita with devotion, be able to get pure wisdom and this knowledge can give freedom to our soul. Collect the Bangla Geeta as pdf.
Bangla Geeta O Anugeeta

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