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Thursday 5 January 2017

Uponyas Samagra by Jibanananda Das Bangla boi

Uponyas Samagra by Jibanananda Das Bangla boi

Uponyas Samagra by Jibanananda Das Bangla boi pdf
Pages- 885
Size- 43mb
Courtesy-amarboi online
Jibanananda Das, one of the most famous poets in the thirties. As far as is known, the poet wrote poetry with new section of poems, at that time which was considerable criticism. The pain, frustration, failure, loneliness in humans, the poet felt these as an abstract imagination and tried to catch up with the imagery. There are conflict and profound vision of life on his written novels. The conflict is not with society, it is person with person, conflicts for its own existence. There are fifteen novels collection in this book, these are-
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Bangla boi pdf Uponyas Samagra

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