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Thursday 23 March 2017

Shankha Ghosher Shreshtho Kobita book pdf

Shankha Ghosher Shreshtho Kobita ebook

Shankha Ghosher Shreshtho Kobita book pdf file
Shankha Ghosh is a representative in the history of Bangla poetry after Jibanananda. He is a pioneer of independent mind and language. However, he was not only a poet, he is a poet, essayist, literary critic and Ravindra specialist. His poetry has the words of people, the country, the society and the Of civilization. His real name is Chitta Priyo Ghosh. Nihit Patal Chhaya, Adim Latagulmamoy, Murkha Boro Samajik Noy, Baborer Parthana, Prohar Jora Trital are his famous poetry book. Now I'll share a poetry book- 'Shankha Ghosher Srestho Kobita'. pdf link below-
pdf of Shankha Ghosher Shreshtho Kobita

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