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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Bini Calling by Nabanita Dutta Bangla story book

Bini Calling by Nabanita Dutta Bangla story book pdf
Digital Book- Bini Calling
Author- Nabanita Dutta
Type- New generation story
Pages- 13
File size- 229kb
Quality- best, without any watermark
Courtesy by- onubhob.wordpress website
Bini Calling by Nabanita Dutta

An ancient temple. Some of the parts are broken. Looks like as, an under construction building has a long time. There is a big Shiblinga in the house between the temple and its height is far more than a human and the width almost like a pillar. That Shiblinga is surrounded by a gigantic live snake. I moved away from the shiblinga and went ahead to the broken window. Go there and see the ocean outside. To extend the legs through the window, I went down to the beach. But Strange, the ice is accumulated on the banks of the sea. All around gray-white. There is no color. The smoke rising above the ice. Some people dug the soil with the spade, becoming very busy. I see to go ahead, there are many coffins lying on the ice. Then.. read the full story from pdf.
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