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Wednesday 5 December 2018

Ekenbabu Series (Goenda ) by Sujan Dasgupta detective ebook pdf

Ekenbabu Series (Goenda ) by Sujan Dasgupta detective ebook pdf  file

Today we talk about the Goenda Ekenbabu series. Ekenbabu, this exceptional detective character created by Sujon Dasgupta. This detective series first published in the early 90s in the 'Anandamela' Patrika. And 'Manhattane Moonstone' was the beginning story of this series. Then there were many more stories to be published. At the beginning the stories of this series were written for the children. Ekenababu is the same but nowadays the content of the stories are not just for the children.

There are several books in the series-
Manhattane Manhunt
Manhattane Moonstone
Manhattane Madman
Asol Khunir Sandhane
Santiniketane Ashanti
House Boarde Nikhoj O Anyanyo Rahasyo

Ekenbabu in his own language-
I'm the detective of the story. I worked under the Kolkata Police. Now I'm doing research on Criminology at the University of New York. I helped to uncover the Munston Mystery in Manhattan from then New York Police Captain Mr. Stuart liked me. I spend most of my time in researching.

Dhaka Rahasya Unmochito
pdf Pages- 77
book pdf size- 529kb

Manhattane Manhunt
pdf pages- 76
book pdf size- 319kb

Manhattane Moonstone
pdf pages- 154
book pdf size- 997kb

All above pdfs qualities are very high Quality. So readers if you are interested in this exceptional detective story 'Goenda Ekenbabu series' then collect the pdf files.

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