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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Amar Jeevan-Yatra by Rahul Sankrityayan Bangla pdf

Amar Jeevan-Yatra by Rahul Sankrityayan Bangla pdf file

Amar Jeevan-Yatra by Rahul Sankrityayan

Kedarnath Pandey alias Rahul Sankaratyan (9 April 1893 - 14 April, 1963), was a renowned traveler of India, scholars in different scriptures including Buddhist, dixit in Marxian script. He spent 45 years of his life traveling in various places. This great person was also well-known as theoretical interpreter of scientific materialism. He is said to be the father of Hindi travel literature. 'Volga Theke Ganga' is one of his most famous writing book.
I want to share in this post, his autobiography book - 'Amar Jiban-Yatra', the book written in five parts. But Rahul did not say this book as a biography book, he said this book is a Jibanjatra.
Collect the all parts of this remarkable translated book from this post.
1. Amar Jiban-Yatra part- 1
pages- 424
pdf size- 48mb
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2. Amar Jiban-Yatra part- 2
pages- 524
pdf size- 59mb
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3. Amar Jiban-Yatra part- 3
pages- 447
pdf size- 46mb
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4. Amar Jiban-Yatra part- 4
pages- 385
pdf size- 43mb
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5. Amar Jiban-Yatra part- 5
pages- 370
pdf size-38 mb
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