Nuri Pathorer Dinguli by Prochet Gupta ebook pdf download

Nuri Pathorer Dinguli by Prochet Gupta ebook pdf download

Nuri Pathorer Dinguli by Prochet Gupta

Prochet Gupta (14 October 1962) is a Bengali literary and journalist.
Flim director Tarun Majumder made a Bengali film based on his novel 'Chander Bari' in 2007. And director Shekhar Das produced a movie named 'Neckless' based on the story of his 'Chorer Bou'. This author is a well-known name of contemporary Bengali literature. Some of his stories have been translated into Hindi, Oriya and Marathi. He is a regular writer of Bengali magazines such as 'Unish Kuri', 'Sananda' and 'Desh'.
Now I want to share a pdf of his novel- 'Nuri Pathorer Dinguli'.
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Book name- Nuri Pathorer Dinguli
Written by- Prochet Gupta
Book Type- novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 239
PDF size- 15mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Dear readers, you can collect the novel book- 'Nuri Pathorer Dinguli by Prochet Gupta' free pdf ebook download.
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