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Saturday 6 April 2019

Octarine-Tanzim Rahman Bangla thriller novel pdf

Octarine-Tanzim Rahman Bangla thriller novel pdf file.

Octarine-Tanzim Rahman pdf

Maybe you've read Murder Mystery before, but position mystery? The shadow of any evil energy has fallen on the only daughter of one of the most influential family of the country. A strange man was appointed to find answers to the question who has intensive and bitter experience with supernatural powers. But after the investigation he realized that how deep is really. Solving the problem alone is not possible. He needs help from another type of specialist. Need a ritual magician. Could they solve this deadly mystery? Read the story..
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Book name- Octarine
Written by- Tanzim Rahman
Book Type- Thriller
File type- pdf
Pages- 384
PDF size- 21mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Dear readers, you can collect this Bangla thriller novel- 'Octarine-Tanzim Rahman' as a pdf.

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