Meyera Jemon Hoy- Samaresh Majumdar Bangla ebook pdf

Meyera Jemon Hoy- Samaresh Majumdar Bangla ebook pdf

Meyera Jemon Hoy- Samaresh Majumdar pdf

Few words about the novel- Meyera Jemon Hoy

'Meyera Jemon Hoy' is another famous novel of Samaresh Majumdar. 'How are the girls' is perpetual mystery. However, the author did not comment directly on the girls in this book. He shares many experiences of his personal life with readers. These experiences-filled stories will give a different dimension to your own experience. Of course, in the statement of how the girls are, the author himself says - "God himself does not know how the girls are".
Many readers are interested in reading the biography of their favorite author. They want to know many things in the author's life which are they don't know. this book is most readable for them. Writer Samaresh Majumdar, the life of the girls he met, some emotions and some memories are highlighted in this book.

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Book name- Meyera Jemon Hoy
Written by- Samaresh Majumdar
Book type- Novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 262
PDF size- 20mb
Quality- good, no watermark
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