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Wednesday 3 February 2021

Sharat Katha pdf

Sharat Katha pdf

Edited by- Sujit Kumar Nag

Book name in Bengali- শরৎ কথা

সম্পাদনা- সুজিত কুমার নাগ

Book type- Edited book

Sharat Katha pdf

Sharatchandra is another name in the lotus forest of Bengali literature. Not only this, the literature of this immortal storyteller is the national pride of our Bengali literature. We are very fortunate that he was born in our Bengali country. He is the only person whose literary life has merged with our lives and caused us to wonder. 

But behind a writer or artist, there is also a family man. In this collection, we get to know that domestic mentality of Sharatchandra. There are a lot of writings of many people who have seen him closely, lived with him, and spent time with him can be found here. His stories of happiness-sorrow-pain and even pictures of honor-happiness-touchiness-pride can be found in the writings of this collection. 

Dear readers, collect this Bengali book pdf file of Sharat Katha (শরৎ কথা).

link:-1 ।  link:-2

PDF size- 5Mb

Pages- 129

Quality- good, no watermark 

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