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Friday 10 September 2021

Chokkhe Amar Trishna by Humayun Ahamed pdf

 Chokkhe Amar Trishna by Humayun Ahamed, Bangla book pdf

Written by- Humayun Ahamed

Book name in Bengali- 'চক্ষে আমার তৃষ্ণা'

লেখক- হুমায়ূন আহমেদ

Book type- A Bengali Novel.

Chokkhe Amar Trishna by Humayun Ahamed

Human is the most wonderful creation of  the Merciful Creator. In this creation, he sent some people to the earth with eyes full of thirst. 

She is an amazing mysterious being, her eyes are full of mystery, form is full of Maya, as if Maya will enchant everything with her magic. 

Similarly, an entity, a young woman, name Taru. Full name Shamsun Nahar. This girl is not like the other ordinary girls, her eyes play with a golden glow, she judges everything from a different point of view. Taru seeks out relationships with everyone, seeks out their backgrounds, discovers the secrets of who is involved in her life, why and how, with eyes full of thirst. Maybe she thinks of something that no one can ever think of. In the end, what happens to Taru whose eyes are filled with a priceless thirst for love? 

Read this wonderful story book- Chokkhe Amar Trishna (চক্ষে আমার তৃষ্ণা). Collect the pdf.

link:-1 ।  link:-2

PDF size- 4Mb

Pages- 91

Quality- good, without watermark

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