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Tuesday 8 February 2022

An Astrologer's Day by R K Narayan, ebook pdf

 An Astrologer's Day by R K Narayan, English ebook pdf

An Astrologer's Day by R K Narayan pdf

An Astrologer's Day is a collection of short stories by writer RK Narayan filled with thriller, suspense. This was the author's fourth collection of short stories. The book was published by Indian Thought Publications in 1947. This is the first chapter in the world-famous collection of television series show Malgudi Days Stories, which broadcast on television in 2006.

There are thirty short stories in this book, these are-

An Astrologer's Day 

The Missing Mail 

The Doctor's Word 

Gateman's Gift 

The Roman Image 

The Blind Dog 


The Watchman 

The Tiger's Claw 

The Performing Child 


The Evening Gift 

A Snake in the Grass 

An Accident 

Such Perfection 

A Career 

Father's Help 

The Snake-Song 

Forty-five a Month 

Dasi the Bridegroom 

Old Man of the Temple

Out of Business 

Old Bones 


The Axe 

Engine Trouble 

All Avoidable Talk 

Fruition at Forty 

Crime and Punishment 

Under the Banyan Tree

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PDF size- 3Mb

Pages- 243

Quality- good, without watermark

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