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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Anandamela on 20th July 2019 children Patrika pdf

Anandamela on 20th July 2019 children Patrika pdf file
Edition– 20th July 2019
Category- Children and Juvenile, Bengali Patrika
Format- PDF
Size- 33MB
Pages- 61
Quality- High

Anandamela on 20th July 2019 pdf

'Anandamela' is most popular Bangla Patrika for children which has been publishing from Kolkata by Anandabazar news paper group. It is a fortnight issue and publishing every month date of 5th and 20th. Now I'm going to share with all of my dear little and sweet blog readers, Anandamela 20th July 2019 as a pdf file, the screen shoot of this magazine front page is given above. The cover stories of this edition's are The history which suddenly found- the amazing story of a sudden discovery, three stories- Gojopoti Goldar Guptadhon, Shabdo Jakhon Astra, Samanta Ukiler Shesh Mokkel, comics and many more topics. So dear readers collect this current issue- 'Anandamela on 20th July 2019' as pdf file from the link below-
Collect the pdf / read online
Bengali children Patrika pdf of Anandamela 20th July 2019 book pdf.

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