Jugol Uponyas by Budddhadeb Guha Bangla ebook pdf

Jugol Uponyas by Budddhadeb Guha Bangla ebook pdf file

Jugol Uponyas by Budddhadeb Guha pdf

'Jugol Uponyas' the book is combine of two classic novels, these are- Aranya and Dipita. The novels are written by Buddhadeb Guha who is a renowned Bengali author. Basically he is known for writing about forests and nature. This author's real life is full of many different experiences. His long intimate acquaintance with the forests and its animals and the people of the forest of eastern India.
His first published book was 'Jangalmahal'. After then his many books and novels have been published. He was established shortly as a writer.
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Book name- Jugol Uponyas
Written by- Budddhadeb Guha
Book type- Novels
File type- pdf
Pages- 157
PDF size- 4mb
Quality- good, no watermark
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